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3 | Skip intro

Posted: 05 Feb 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfcloseup

I almost copped out and posted yet another running selfie today! All of the snaps on my phone were pretty lame though and I’m trying not to be lazy with this project. Instead, I reached for my Olympus DSLR and tried to create something a little more interesting. I didn’t have any clear idea, vision or concept in mind so I shot off 6-8 frames of me holding an LED desk lamp over my head in a dark…read more

2 | Running around

Posted: 29 Jan 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfrunning

This is the second in my series of self-portraits (read about more about the project here). As I suggested in the first post some of the project would likley be snaps taken on my iphone - and this one falls into that category. I’ve only recently switched to an iphone and actually I’m quite happy with the quality of this shot. The photo was taken by setting a 10 second timer and propping up the…read more

1 | Seeking inspiration and comfort

Posted: 19 Jan 202352weeksphotographycreativityself

I’m committing to capture and publish a self-portrait with a short accompanying post here on my blog each week. Some weeks I might aim for an abstract creative masterpiece - adorned with filters, photoshop magic and flying unicorns. Sometimes it might just be a photo of my feet snapped on my iphone. Most weeks will fall somewhere in between (just like this first specimen). The only real rule is…read more

Bye-bye flickr

Posted: 15 May 2022photographyflickrtechreflectionsphotos

This weekend I finally found the time to backup all my flickr images and delete my account. The reason for doing so was purely practical - It’s been a long time since I actively posted images to flickr. I no longer interact with any groups and am no longer part of any art projects on the platform. Given I had nearly 3000 older images stored on Flickr, recent account changes that have come into…read more

Choropleth Experiments

Posted: 11 Apr 2022datavizmapstechcodeexperiments

This post was originally written on 19 April 2019 whilst I was still using the ghost blogging platform. ~~I haven’t had time during migration to get this experiment working within my new Gatsby setup but if you are interested you can still see the results over at this static page on github.~~ I’ve now finally updated the experiment (3 years later) to use react-leaflet components and embed them…read more