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8 | Sasquatch

Posted: 13 Mar 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobisthalf_naked

I took this shot on Saturday and nearly didn’t post it. I’m not pleased with it. It was taken while playing with a new lighting setup. I just ordered a second flash unit so I wanted to play with different configurations using two flashes off-camera and using shoot-through umbrellas to soften the light. The lighting is good. During the same shoot I got some fun pictures of Chloe which I shared here on Instagram. The same lighting setup doesn’t work quite so nicely here as it…read more

7 | Revolve

Posted: 05 Mar 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobistdorset

This week I’m back in the more familiar surroundings of Dorset. Not that you can tell but this shot was taken at the top of Hambledon Hill. Chloe and I went for a short 5-mile hike around this and another nearby hill fort (Hod Hill). I thought it’d be nice to get a shot with the beautiful countryside behind me. Chloe stepped into the role of portable light stand and pointed the flash in my general direction (just off to the right of the frame). I set up a remote shutter…read more

6 | Hurghada

Posted: 26 Feb 202352weeksphotographycreativityselftravelegypt

So a shot from my iPhone this week with no fancy flash work. I did splash out on an exotic location though! For the next few days, I’m in Hurghada, Egypt on the shore of the Red Sea for a little mini break. I’m nearly two full days in and have another two full days left, returning home late Wednesday. I used a little pocket Gorillapod to hold the iPhone, attached it to a large ashtray thingy and set a 10-second timer before dashing behind the surfboard. I picked my moment…read more

5 | Ablution

Posted: 18 Feb 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobist

This evolved into a very different image from what I originally had in mind when I started shooting it but I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. I generally hate any photographs of me from this angle, but the combination of the texture and movement created by the water and the symmetrical composition makes it something I can live with sharing. When I stare at this image long enough my brain starts to imagine the outline of another person from the negative space between me(s…read more

4 | Stepping into the light

Posted: 12 Feb 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobist

A little bit more effort in this week’s photograph. To follow up on my intention of using this project to refresh and improve my photography skills, I purchased some new gear this week to increase my creative options. The two significant purchases that made this shot possible were a cheap flash unit and a remote trigger. Using a flash off-camera opens up a world of possibilities but it’s not something I’ve done for several years. In the past, I had quite a collection of…read more