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16 | Fever dream

Posted: 14 Jul 202352weeksphotographyolympusselfsnotflustrobistbogroll

Last week I was struck by a flu bug that meant I spent pretty much the whole week in bed coughing up a lung or blowing snot out of my nose. It wasn’t pleasant. I’ve been back to work this week but still not totally shaken it. The idea of this shot originally was to go for a curse of the mummy vibe with me totally covered in toilet paper (cos why not?). It didn’t work. The result has actually ended up being some kind of cyberpunk meets Lawrence of Arabia-type mashup! It will…read more

15 | Geometry

Posted: 07 Jun 202352weeksphotographyolympusselforganisationpodcastgardeningwork

Yet another late post. I did skip a week whilst I was away camping in Devon. I’m glad I did. It was nice to give myself a break from routine on all fronts! This shot was taken using my new camera. I upgraded from an Olympus EM5 mkII to an Olympus EM1 mkIII. It’s a similar system with upgraded bells, whistles, and a much-improved sensor. So far, I’m enjoying the upgrade, and given it’s been on the market for some time, I picked it up for a price that hasn’t made me weep! The…read more

14 | Head above water

Posted: 24 May 202352weeksphotographyiphoneselfswimmingpodcastsickbedwork

This week I’m posting late and from my bed. I had some planned surgery at the hospital yesterday. Everything went well, but I’m feeling a bit groggy today and numb with painkillers. I’ve taken the day to recover but currently can’t sleep, so I’m trying blogging instead! Although I’m posting late, the photo was taken on schedule and before the clock expired on the week. It’s an iPhone portrait taken whilst swimming at Burton Bradstock. Most of my weekend was spent catching…read more

13 | Healing wounds

Posted: 15 May 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfspacetattoosnatural light

“A fresh tattoo is considered an open wound. Like all wounds, it will scab over as part of a natural healing response.” This week I return to my self-portrait project with this shot showing my newly inked and slightly scabby tattoos. No fancy flashy lighting. I’ve just used my office window on a sunny afternoon. All of my tattoos hold some personal significance for me, and many visualise or represent part of my life story. This new astronaut addition doesn’t break from that…read more

12 | These hands

Posted: 10 Apr 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobistmono

I’m pleased with this photograph. I like the black and white tones, the shadows and the detail captured. I changed some camera settings this weekend, making setting focus and checking the shot’s framing easier. A small win, but making my workflow more efficient reduces the draw on my time. The black background is also a new addition. I’ve had an old set of background stands in the garage for some time, so it’s nice to have some new fabric to hang and use finally. Making…read more