16 | Fever dream

Stuart against a dark backdrop, lit using a small amount of light, he is swaddled in clothes made of bogroll channeling a lawrence of arabia look

Last week I was struck by a flu bug that meant I spent pretty much the whole week in bed coughing up a lung or blowing snot out of my nose. It wasn’t pleasant. I’ve been back to work this week but still not totally shaken it.

The idea of this shot originally was to go for a curse of the mummy vibe with me totally covered in toilet paper (cos why not?). It didn’t work. The result has actually ended up being some kind of cyberpunk meets Lawrence of Arabia-type mashup! It will suffice for now. I lit this using a single snooted speedlight just to the left of the camera.

I’ve not got the patience for writing more words right now but wanted to make sure I got back into the habit of shooting and posting an image. If this isn’t enough to satisfy your STU-FIX then I posted an episode about Robyn reaching the 21 years milestone on memofrom.me late last week that may help.