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Zen Friday

Posted: 20 Oct 2023podcastaudioupdatelifeworkfriendsfitness

A random update recorded whilst hiking around Maiden Castle. I briefly cover work, friends, fitness and 100 parkruns! Useful links include: Cathing up with friends and dining out! Trips around Dorset and red squirrels Some chatter about Future Councils events 100th TGF parkrun fun and data Jurassic Coast Challenge training, fitness improvements and fundraisingread more

Rambling man

Posted: 01 Oct 2023podcastaudiovoicenotereflectionsultra-challenge

My first foray into posting audio notes to my blog here. I’d previously been posting voice memos to a little project called Memo From Me, but I’ve decided that has run its course. This is the next iteration. Hopefully, I’ll have it listed on your favourite podcast app soon, and I’ll add in some subscription links. In this note, I give some of the context and then start talking about my decision…read more

16 | Fever dream

Posted: 14 Jul 202352weeksphotographyolympusselfsnotflustrobistbogroll

Last week I was struck by a flu bug that meant I spent pretty much the whole week in bed coughing up a lung or blowing snot out of my nose. It wasn’t pleasant. I’ve been back to work this week but still not totally shaken it. The idea of this shot originally was to go for a curse of the mummy vibe with me totally covered in toilet paper (cos why not?). It didn’t work. The result has actually…read more

15 | Geometry

Posted: 07 Jun 202352weeksphotographyolympusselforganisationpodcastgardeningwork

Yet another late post. I did skip a week whilst I was away camping in Devon. I’m glad I did. It was nice to give myself a break from routine on all fronts! This shot was taken using my new camera. I upgraded from an Olympus EM5 mkII to an Olympus EM1 mkIII. It’s a similar system with upgraded bells, whistles, and a much-improved sensor. So far, I’m enjoying the upgrade, and given it’s been on…read more

14 | Head above water

Posted: 24 May 202352weeksphotographyiphoneselfswimmingpodcastsickbedwork

This week I’m posting late and from my bed. I had some planned surgery at the hospital yesterday. Everything went well, but I’m feeling a bit groggy today and numb with painkillers. I’ve taken the day to recover but currently can’t sleep, so I’m trying blogging instead! Although I’m posting late, the photo was taken on schedule and before the clock expired on the week. It’s an iPhone portrait…read more