About Stuart Mackenzie

Stuart Mackenzie
I live in Dorset along with my wife Chloe and daughter Robyn. I spend much of my time working out of London transforming public services as a Senior Partner at TPXimpact (previously known as FutureGov).

I've worked in a variety of technology & management roles over the last 20 years but largely I prefer people to computers and code. I'm slightly obsessed (in a healthy way) in making change happen within organisations and I'm happiest when supporting teams and clients navigate complexity (human and technical) to deliver better outcomes for users.

This website is largely a selfish endeavour. I don't write often but it's a skill I know I should practice. Having the site gives me a place to do just that. Often I write just as a method to bring structure to the things I have floating around in my head. For this reason, I inevitably write more posts than I publish. Hopefully, the few that make it as far as publication might be useful to someone other than me but that's not my primary goal.

Having a website also provides me with a sandbox to test ideas and prototype in code. If things feel a little broken or don't work as you expect then this might be as a result of one of these experiments.

For those interested in technology the site in it's current form has been built using Gatsby which is currently my favourite static site generator. I use Firebase for hosting the static files. All of the code and content is maintained in Github.