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Week6 - Range

Posted: 21 Feb 2020weeknotesrarenotes

I took the role of 'master of ceremonies' at a recent full FG team meeting and started by sharing some key messages from the management team. One of these went along the lines of 'Hey February is shaping up to be pretty dang BUSY! let's have each others backs, look after yourselves, think ahead/anticipate, communicate...' etc etc. This week I'm finishing with my own words echoing around in my brain. Just like buses - tasks, challenges and opportunities can arrive all at once…read more

Week5 - Late Notes

Posted: 01 May 2019weeknotes

I was hoping to post these last Friday but I got side-tracked with all of the other things! Main point to note was that I returned back from a much needed Easter Break feeling massively refreshed. 3 Highlights 1. General Vibes - As hinted at above it was actually just really nice to be back at work having a renewed sense of energy & perspective following my Easter break with family and friends. This energy was used to re-prioritise a bunch of tasks, put some effort into…read more

Week4 - 333 Slides

Posted: 12 Apr 2019weeknotes

This is going to have to be brief. I'm on a train, batteries dying (mostly mine) and dodgy wifi. I will try harder in future. The week in brief I made a sticker 🏵 - People seemed to like them 😍 I finished my ODI course 🕺 I spent 4 days in a classroom learning all about data privacy legislation 🎓 Where my head is at The changes brought about by the GDPR are a massive step forward in protecting the privacy of people. The real challenge is ensuring orgs don't get stuck in…read more

Week3 - Dear Diary

Posted: 06 Apr 2019weeknotes

3 weeks of #weeknotes and 3 weeks without smoking! 🎉 I thought I'd try a different format this week and give a daily digest of my week. I'm not sure it's something I'm likely to repeat often. I've left out hefty amounts of what actually happens with clients and projects as that feels a little odd to share without permission. It's still a very long read (but then it's felt like a very long week 😃). I've drawn out my key reflections in bold if the detail doesn't float your…read more

Week2 - How High

Posted: 29 Mar 2019weeknotes

I'm back for a second week. Yay! but no longer on Medium. It potentially limits my audience but I'm not writing for fame and fortune so that's ok. Last weekend Chloe had organised for Robyn and I to join her and some of her work colleagues to tackle a high ropes course at a nearby outdoor adventure centre. I'm quite glad I had forgotten about this event in the calendar until the night before - I'm not overly keen on heights (actually quite scared it turns out) and not…read more