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Let's keep talking about this

Posted: 15 Oct 2019BLAWbabylossreflectionbreakthesilence

This is a repost of the image and text I shared last year on instagram at the end of baby loss awareness week. After posting I had two people come and talk to me about recent experiences they had gone through, who seemed genuinely grateful that I shared (I don't often get this reaction to my social posts 😂). I repost with the same sentiment. Baby loss is common and hard on all of those involved. It's important we talk about it and support each other, fighting to help improve…read more


Posted: 25 Nov 2018lifehomesickreflection

I’m often surprised that after nearly 2 years of splitting my life between Dorset (home) and London (work) that I still suffer from homesickness. I assumed that after a period of adjustment this feeling would just go away. It’s seldom acute but generally manifests in a weird mixture of what I would describe as feeling anxious, a little down and just generally feeling unsettled and displaced. As someone who spends most of my waking hours thinking about change and supporting…read more

6 Month Reflection

Posted: 30 May 2017reflectionbalancework

So today I had a meeting to discuss, reflect on and review my first six months with FutureGov in addition to planning out the next six. It’s one of those odd milestones where you can’t quite wrap your head around the fact it’s been six months already but in equal measure it almost feels like I’ve been with the company for years. I won’t share the finer details of the meeting but happy to report I still have a job (so I did a few things ok!) and I have plenty left to do and…read more