Weeknote - Tired Bunny

an anime bunny sat on the grass looking sad and tired

Writing is a struggle today (yes, more than usual!). I am very, very, very tired. I stayed up and watched election coverage until about 3:30am and then woke up at 6:30am for more of the same. Three hours of sleep is not enough. I’m not thinking clearly, and my fatigue is presenting as grumpiness. I will keep this short.

The bad and the ugly

  • I attended a new internal meeting that baffled and frankly annoyed me. That’s fine; feedback will help us refine it, but it landed at a time in my week when my patience was already low.
  • I failed to manage my diary sensibly on at least two days this week. There was too much context-switching and no time for breaks or lunch. I’m smarter than this.
  • Meh, other life stuff. For a future post.

The good

  • I made good progress on getting everything in place so we can start one of our new client projects well next week. The time spent onboarding the team was good. They grasped things quickly, asked great questions, and brought good vibes. I love good vibes!
  • I made a little more progress on a small internal project and a future project opportunity. Honestly, both have frustrated me for different reasons this week, but progress is progress. I need to recognise and celebrate that.
  • I concluded my research on the electric vehicle front, picking something I would like and can afford. The first batch of paperwork has been completed, and now it’s in the hands of Octopus to see if it’s available in a sensible timeframe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
  • I’ve run twice this week. Both runs were short and slow, but I enjoyed them, which is essential. I also enjoyed a nice 11km trail walk last weekend in the sunshine.
  • I finished and enjoyed the new season of The Bear. I also enjoyed the super cheesy and nostalgic new Beverly Hills Cop film on Netflix.
  • Despite distrusting 80% of our politicians, I’m happy with the election results. Specifically, it’ll be the first time the constituency I live in (and the neighbouring ones where I grew up) won’t be represented by a conservative MP in approximately a million years. This pleases me.

Noteworthy posts

For the love of libraries by Jukesie

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A plea for the lost practice of information architecture by Vicki Teinaki

Martin Wright shared this page about his sticker designs with the aforementioned Jukesie. I enjoyed making stickers back in the FG days, and this post made me want to make more.