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11 | Panda

Posted: 03 Apr 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfmask

Sometimes you have to abandon interesting locations, complex lighting and creative composition. Some days you need to put on a panda mask and take a snap at your kitchen table. Yesterday was that day…and I LOVE IT! 😂😍 I’m not sure why this is so appealing to me. Maybe it’s just because it’s so beautifully odd. My brain immediately starts to create incredible, absurd backstories to accompany the scene. I’m not in the mood to share what’s in my head today. There is no…read more

10 | They come for me

Posted: 26 Mar 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobistsci-fi

I am seemingly starring in my own science fiction b-movie this week. It’s an idea that emerged while I was playing with a set of barn doors and some coloured gels on my flash. I’m not sure if the world were to be invaded by body-snatching aliens, I’d be that high up on their priority list?! You can never be sure, though. I’ll head to the shops for a new tinfoil hat tomorrow, just in case. The second half of life I’ve been reflecting recently on what I want, need and am…read more

9 | Hillfort

Posted: 25 Mar 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobistrunning

I’m very late posting this shot. It was shot last Sunday. I opted for a simple snap on the iPhone while out for a trail run, as I had a jam-packed weekend and no time for anything grander. This is not only the second iPhone shot of the project so far, but it’s also the second time an age iron hill fort has been the location. I love running around these places. They are just stunning. I was going to accompany this picture with some thoughts from the week preceding its…read more

8 | Sasquatch

Posted: 13 Mar 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobisthalf_naked

I took this shot on Saturday and nearly didn’t post it. I’m not pleased with it. It was taken while playing with a new lighting setup. I just ordered a second flash unit so I wanted to play with different configurations using two flashes off-camera and using shoot-through umbrellas to soften the light. The lighting is good. During the same shoot I got some fun pictures of Chloe which I shared here on Instagram. The same lighting setup doesn’t work quite so nicely here as it…read more

7 | Revolve

Posted: 05 Mar 202352weeksphotographycreativityselfstrobistdorset

This week I’m back in the more familiar surroundings of Dorset. Not that you can tell but this shot was taken at the top of Hambledon Hill. Chloe and I went for a short 5-mile hike around this and another nearby hill fort (Hod Hill). I thought it’d be nice to get a shot with the beautiful countryside behind me. Chloe stepped into the role of portable light stand and pointed the flash in my general direction (just off to the right of the frame). I set up a remote shutter…read more